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Vlogmas day 17 and to the feauture

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Vlogmas day 3

Another day of advent another vlog!

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So I’ve climbed to the top of The Great Westminster Clock (aka Big Ben) today….

….Well sort of. I had to be in Winchester this evening for the AGM of my theatre group (and hand my role over the very capable Wesley Buckerage((more time for blogging)) so it made logical sense to use Winchester Anytime gym. As you know it’s not my favorite gym but necessity calls.

This would be my third day in the row at the gym and wanted to try something a little different at the gym. Introducing the Stair-Climber! If you have never used one before it is a set of stair but like an escalator that you can set the speed to.

After acquiring said machine and getting to grips with it I found the challenge on the wall. The floors that equate to climbing some of the worlds most famous buildings…. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Although it was quite hard going and my backside and my hamstrings felt it! I, however, was not going to give up!

E29F8DB6-8C07-401A-94A6-7352962C46A2It was a good workout and successful! I can now claim that I can walk to the top of the Great Westminster Clock. Luckily for me, it’s unlikely that I will ever get the chance to prove it in person. My heart rate was going and provided me with a good challenge. Next stop Blackpool Tower…. well when I am in Winchester next.

The gym felt pretty good today, not the struggle it has been for the last few days so hopefully, we are back on track! I am thinking about doing some research to find some workouts to mix things up a bit so I don’t get stuck in a rut. I will let you know how that goes.

As for yesterday, I spent an hour in the Winchester Anytime again. I dropped my boyfriend off at work and this is how early I was there…..


Yes, the Sun was coming up as I was leaving the gym! The session wasn’t as great as today but baby steps.

The great thing about an early morning work out is the rest of the day that lies ahead!  With nothing much to do, I popped over to Southampton (the parking is free until 1 on a Sunday).


I didn’t really go into town for a huge amount but did manage to get this scarf and hat on sale in Primark…. the mornings are cold in my car.  I was impressed by the amount of steps window shopping achieved! All of this and it wasn’t 1! Window shopping is exercise guys!

With no intentions of doing anything further, I went home and pottered around cleaning and tidying when an Amazon package arrived and needed to be collected from a locker. A debate arouse I a) Leave it to get it tomorrow, b) Jump in the car and grab it c) Drag my lazy butt down for the 30 minute round trip.

Obviously on a bit of a walking kick this weekend I went with option c!

IMG_3535 2

When all is said and done 35,305 steps over to days isn’t to Shabby. I think that this may need to be a focus over the weekend spending the week in a sitting position either at a desk or a car using my legs at the weekend can’t hurt!

We did go past another Sunday. I did weigh myself but don’t think it’s a fair representation of my weight as it’s ‘that time’ and the weight is never going to be right so I am going to wait to start sizing again…. maybe a daily one in this vlogmas that I might possibly never do….

Happy Monday All!

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Lets go round again…

Hey all

So today started with good intentions……. and they were achieved.

With a late wake up of 8.30 and having achieved over 9 hours sleep, the outlook for the day looked rosy. After a message asking for some company on a dog walk from a friend over my honey nut cereal knockoffs, i ventured into town.

0F57380A-CEDF-4857-9D8B-7C335ED7C408Not only did I make it into town but I made it to the gym! HUZAR! I was a little shocked to find out that my key fob still opened the door. After an hour if light duties I felt ok but my cough that still lingered occasionally reared its head. It felt good though to be back. Nothing too exciting some cycling some cross trined some weights. Enough to get my heart rate up.

A quick jump and skip home for a shower then to join head out for a winter walk.


It was quite nice to enjoy a walk with friends even though it was a tad chilly today and overall, it counts towards your steps. It defiantly was a pretty evening though.


After a hot drink, it was time for the stroll home.


Considering my fitbit and I are on a mutual break my phone has decided to be the rebound in this fitness relationship. This does not include any of my gym workout so I am pretty happy with the day’s step count.

I’ve ended the day with an omelet and a film or two on the sofa.

Not a bad re-initiation but let’s see if I can stick with it… 😐


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Ending the radio silence…

Hello all… long time no see!

The last 6 weeks have been an absolute dizzying rush of work and White Christmas. I felt that I just couldn’t just keep up with everything and it all became a bit too much. The blog was the first to go to the gym not too long after but after analyzing and deciding to step back in my theatre company I am ready to recommit to my own weight loss and personal goals.

I had good intentions of stating at the beginning of this week, however, I was hit by the dreaded lurgy last Friday and it really has knocked me down this week. My weeks been essentially go to work, eat dinner and sleep and then repeat the process.

I have managed to check my calorie intake a little this week though mostly cutting out the coke and lowering the chocolate intake so the intentions are there. This weekends goal is to get back to the gym even if it’s just light duties until this cough subsides.  The short-term goal is to focus on Christmas with only minor lapses for Christmas celebrations. I am considering doing Vlogmas to help me stay on track and with less physical visits in December for work it might force me out the house for something to vlog.

As always any support is appreciated 🙂





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Diary of a melting princess: The day I got back (and finally lost count)


After a busy two days or cramming a week’s worth of work in two days and also a little trip to DLP I am back and ready to rededicate myself to the cause.

I am skipping weeks of Sunday Sizings for the following reasons

  1. I haven’t set foot in a gym in 7 days
  2. My eating habits have been terrible
  3. The scales this week have not been kind
  4. Generally just too lazy.

My eating habits could have been a lot worse over the course of the last week but tomorrow the gym is back and the food is out, well the amounts and the types of the last week.

I am going to share this from my journey so far. B7B458BE-EB8E-44E5-BD34-18712622A576So aside from the fact that everytime I queue in the princes’ pavilion, I meet Aurora (aka sleeping beauty) the picture on the left is from the last week the right back in June when last went to the park. I would like to say that there is a viable difference. I was generally a lot happier with the pictures of myself from this holiday then the last and will be more likely to share them. Hopefully, come Januarys trip there will be another viable difference.

So with that let the weight loss begin again!

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Dairy of a Melting Princess Day 48:- Sunday Sizing

Late entry today, the weeks are catching up with me and I spent most of the afternoon in a sleepy haze and don’t feel much better for it. Legs are still shot from the PT session and rather than pushing I went to the gym and did a War class but only focused on the upper body and core exercise which seems to have been an ok compromise.

Anyway down to this week’s sizings.


Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 23.30.49Not a spectacular result for the week. I only lost 0.1 kg, I guess it’s still a loss. The only real difference in any measurements this week is the 2.5 cm I lost from my waist. That being said once taking my pictures this week there was a real difference.


First pictures are this week the second is from when I started taking the pictures. I have also noticed a change in the way some of my clothes fit and also being able to fit into stuff that I haven’t dared touch in the last few months.

Overall a nonstop week, looking forward to a break in DLP this week and blowing the whole lot… and then walking it off. 🙂

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Diary of a Melting Princess Day 46:- Push it real good.

Wow what a pretty horrific week for blogging. Between 2 rehearsal weeks, work and working out much of the free time I have had has been mostly used to sleep on the sofa…. The overdoing it phase for the week is where it ended in a migraine for the majority of the day. After a nap and some food, I am again feeling mostly human. Migraines are something that plagues me from time to time (usually around a specific time of the month) they usually manifest and lunge for a couple of days. However, this one, the first I have had since starting to work out, seems to have come, been a bit intense for a couple of hours and buggered off again. No lingering and very little rock of the sofa holding my head. So maybe the workouts are having the extra benefit.

Yesterday I had my first PT session. As it was free with my membership I thought why the hell not. After meeting my trainer, Jack, and explaining the footnotes of my weight loss journey he was a little puzzled as for why I needed a PT (because it was free duh). Although he pushed me through the cross trainer and squats with weights it wasn’t really anything out of the realms of what I could push myself to do. The second half focused on using the leg press. I have a resistance to using weight machines, mostly because I  have never really been shown how to use them and am worried about damaging myself or the machine. This is where I could see the benefits of the session. Staggering the weights at different intervals Jack really pushed me hard reach the targets set, it hurt (and something defiantly pung in one of my hamstrings) but I got through it. At the end of this taster session I found it hard to walk down the stair (almost falling on more than one occasion). This morning I woke up fine and again went to the gym however throughout the day my thighs are defiantly sore so something must have worked.

I am battling to see if actually PT sessions are really needed at the moment. As someone that is quite motivated and quite aware of what I can do and how to improve I’m not sure that I can spare the money and justify the session.

I have been offered another trial session so I guess I can make my mind up after then. Until then I will deal with the leg pain…..

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Dairy of a Melting Princess Day 42:-So Macho

Afternoon all…

After a disappointing day wherein everyone wanted to cancel their visits with me (if it’s something I said) I had a fair amount of unallocated time…. what else do you with that there then run to the gym for a quickie.

Even though I had intended today to be a rest day due to the fact there would be dancing tonight in rehearsal I didn’t want to pass up the spare time. Once in there I may be a regretted it due to a number of people in there (Not to self-go to the gym before people are awake or after people are asleep then you can play with all the toys as muh as you like). I persevered and used what I could when I could and had a half decent workout even if I did have to cut it a little short because of the hour time limit on the parking space.


After today’s session, I must say that there in defiance improvement in my arms. Less flab and more must so the weights must be doing something! Foods have been somewhat better today as well starting my days with porridge seems to put me in a better state of mind for the day at the start. 

Time to get my dancing shoes on (literally) and head to rehearsal….. 


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Dairy of a Melting Princess Day 41:-Sunday Sizings.

We have weight loss! IMG_2316

So in terms of kg 1kg = 2.2 lbs…. so I have lost a total of 2lbs this week! Not earth shattering but effectively puts me under the 16st mark!

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 19.22.56

As for the measurements, the only thing of note is the 1cm I lost off of my hips. Otherwise not a great deal to write home about.

Apologies for the horrific faces but even though the pictures may not too much alter from the last few weeks please not the distance between my backside and the material now…. they are getting a little loose on the back….. small victory! 

Highs for the week!

I have to hit the gym pretty hard and mixing up my training massively. Assing in more weights and hit training, as well as the cardio and, have felt that I am getting a better workout for it. Next week I have a free PT session so I hope this will give me a bit more guidance in what else I can do to keep it interesting as well as enhance the weight loss.

Low points

Again it’s eating. I have felt a tad overwhelmed the last few weeks (which has ended tonight in an outburst of tears) and that is pilling on the pressure. Work has become somewhat easier but overall with everything I  am trying to achieve I think I am once again overdoing it. This leads me back to older habits and eating patterns. Don’t get me wrong it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be but I’m definitely not eating as well as I could be to help my weight loss or at the right points in the day which is also pulling me down.

Mostly I am looking forward to the next 9 days being over so I can head to Disneyland Paris and reset and recharge a little bit and come back to take on the word. 

Happy Sunday all have a good week! 

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Dairy of a Melting Princess Day 39/40:- I’m not throwing away my shot!

Hey all.

After bitching about my zit infested spae a couple of days ago I decided to do something about it. Introducing the face mask…. please hold in any laughter….

Please observe picture 2…. my face after attempting to apply to the sticky substance and picture 1…. what it’s actually meant to look like. Is it me or is it a tad unachievable? Aside from the picture-perfect model, i can’t say it really helped as I seem to leave me with more spots than ever. Back to the drawing board.

Though the evening wasn’t completely full of disappointments.

IMG_2772I’m not one for making salads that involve more than putting lettuce and cucumber on a plate with a little ham if I am feeling daring, my boyfriend makes this amazing salad with a side of light mayo dressing.. best of all it was only 300 calories and tasted superb… so I guess healthy eating can still be a tasty experience.

Today was a hard one. With season 3 of Fuller house being realized on Netflix couples with a week that was tiering I couldn’t find the motivation to get off of the sofa.

IMG_2294Not going to lie it was pretty comy but somehow I fond the strength to move to find this hanging out of my letterbox


The Fitbit faires sent me to post! The Fitbit faires otherwise known as Hodgie have sent me the resuscitation kit for my Fitbit. After 5 long days finally, there is life back in my dead device, oh how I missed it! Thanks, Hodgie, feeling a bit more stable with it.

After a wander into town and with the idea of not pushing any workout too far because of how fatigued I was feeling. I walked into the gym and popped on the podcast Broadway Backstory, Hamilton episode. If you like Hamilton or want to find out more before it blows the Westend as we know it to smithereens I suggest you go and listen to it. I was so engrossed in the podcast that I forgot about my effort levels and pushed through the pain.

IMG_5557I looked like one sweety mess but felt good for it. So the key to a good workout when your tired is to find something to pump into your ears that’s going to make you bypass the tiredness and pain.

Next stop… SUNDAY….. see you tomorrow for my weekly progress update.

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Dairy of a Melting Princess Day 36:- Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.

Hey all! Happy Monday. So Today going to talk a little bit about Anytime gyms. Over the last three days, I have been to three different gyms as I access al; areas baby!

Eastleigh gym is pretty good, it has everything that I need including classes and all the usual gym trimmings. It’s easy to access both walking and driving and serves me quite well.

However, when I went to Winchester yesterday as my parents went to do a few hours in the Winchester shop I thought I was at least walking into something of the same standard…. to be honest, something a little more special as the gym is in the heart of one of the most expensive cities in the UK. As I walked in geared for my usual workout I was slightly horrified to see there are no BIKEs! None at all, no exercise bikes no spin bikes nada…. so there was my usual machine routine out the window let;s go and see if I can use the workout room for a class…. oh wait a minute not one of those either. So I settled in for an anytime fitness app work out which in the end served me well… but also not the point…

Determined to make my gym session somewhat of a road show, with renewed hopes of a new day I headed to Newberry’s anytime fitness…. I walk in… it’s just a ground floor of weights… oh wonderful! But wait there are some stairs leading me onto the most well equipt gym I think I have ever walked into. Running machines, weights machines, machines….. Massage machines (yes machines that massage, who knew?) you name it you got it. So as my cardio came to an end I begging to dreed entering the testosterone filled lower floor another set of stairs caught my eye and I walked into my own free weight Oasis…..

Newburry gym.JPG

So take away from the day… if I have Newbury visits make sure that I use the gym.

Why are the gyms so bloody different? I assume that we are all paying the same amount to use the gym so why are some great tech and others sub-par? I will continue my quest to visit as many anytime gyms as possible to stay tunned for this reverting read….


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Diary of Melting Princess day 35:- Sunday Sizings

Welcome to another Sunday of Sizings and pictures. 

SO as you have seen throughout this week it’s been a nonstop and not particularly weight loss inducing week which unfortunately reflected in the scales, which is a little bit annoying considering the 2-hour workout yesterday and the hour today, so really I have still done my 5 hours just condensed…


A few things to be considered however apart from the week in general, I had to weight myself later today due to being out this morning. I had also eaten and drunk a fair amount so that’s a contribution, I am also certain that the 5 vodka and diet cokes with the late night McDonalds for dinner could also be a contributing factor…. you only live once right?  

My measurements table also didn’t help support progress this week. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 17.42.47

A cm of my breast, 1.5 of my waist and the rest is either stuck or in cases of one of my arms again. That can almost be expected though as I  have started using weights on my arms so I live in hope that this is just a transition. 

I suppose it’s to be expected not only am I at the doom weight of 16 stone but I can’t expect massive losses each week. So time to roll my selves up and start another week… after a checky bag of Maltesers to ease the pain (it is the lighter way to enjoy chocolate after all…)

Achievements for this week:- Using weights! weights scare in the gym, they have even in the past. I used to do a lot of Body Pump and they didn’t seem too intimidating in a class enviroment. I came to enjoy doing them today especially with the help of the anytime fitness workout app which shows you how to use the equipment in pictures, videos, and a description which has helped.  

Aims for the upcoming week:- Continue to use the anytime fitness app to mix training up, I know that 4 weeks isn’t really enough time for a workout to become stale but I don’t want it to ever get to that point again, getting used to finding alternative workout will help someway towards that. 

Have a happy Sunday evening all! 

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Diary of a Melting Princess day 33:- When Will I See You Again

I had every intention of writing this blog last night, however by the time I got home at 9:30 and sat down at 11ish I literally passed out until I was rudely awakened by a cursing partner about his alarm not going off. I think that I would probably still be asleep if it hadn’t been for that. 

So reverting back to my 12 hours younger self  what was my blog about

After three long days at work sprinkled with rehearsal on top, I was exhausted, (please see above). With that, I made the decision as I approached home after being on the road for 1:45 hours that I just too tired to go to the gym. Not the kind of tired that might put you off the gym but the kind of tired that i sat in my car for 10 minuets dreading the walk upstairs to my flat.


(bar the rehearsal dancing that actually was a workout in its self)

Racked with a little bit a guilt and fearing for my weight loss I did grapple with it for a little while. Really it can’t be helped and sleep is just important for weight loss. So with the intention of going an extra intense workout today to make up for the loss of time and with the intention to not get upset or annoyed when the scales don’t tip the right way this week (because sitting on your ass and driving really doesn’t equate to calorie burning) I end this blog… 

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Diary of a Melting Princess Day 32:-Lets Be Bad

So we already know that this week was going to be a tough one. Sitting in here now I fully appreciate how much of an understatement that was. A lot of time spent on the road, very early mornings and laate nights (some may have been my own fault). At this point, I am shattered and now I need a day or two to reset. Being tired is really not helpfull to the weight loss process, I crave sugar and give in very easily. For the most part of this morning I was ok grabbing a panu chocoalte and eatting a large granola yogurt for lunch. The training buisicuts stayed untouched by myself all day…until eveyone left to travle home while I was still wroing then I cracked. What I have learnt today is that

A) Tiedness  and weight loss don’t mix

B) I can’t be trusted with open busiciuts of the table

Note to self… don’t allow temptation to walk in and just don’t buy the bloody busicits.

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Diary of a Melting Princess Day 31/32 :- It’s been a hard days night.

Hello all, radio silence yesterday but work took over and before I knew it it was 9pm. I did, however, end up at the gym even after stating i needed a rest day. With a sleep in and a stressed mind, i felt that i needed to release some enery before i could setle down for hte night and I am glad i did. Coupled with the fact that I had 3 long days coming up and actually I probably wouldn’t have been able to get back to the gym until Friday night… not ideal. 

I am away with work for the next two days and unfortunately my anytime gym membership doesn’t allow me to use another club for another 3 days…. moving forward if I am away I am more than likely to use it when i have access….even if it’s just for something to do in the evening. 

Yesterday I also managed to recrod my food intake! 2 days down! I am also half way through my recoridng for the day so hopefully there are better habbits still to come! 

I am off to rehearsal now and with any luck that will produce another 800 calorie workout and missing the gym 2 days in a row won’t seem so bad. 

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Diary of a Mealting Princess Day 30:- This is a mans world….

Talk about an unwelcome reception. As a strode into the gym at 5.58 this morning every head turned to look at me….. you would have assumed that I was an alien with three heads rather then just a women going to the gym in the morning. I had noticed how heavily populated the gym is by men in the morning but never have I felt that I was encroaching on to someone else’s territory until today… Not that I care too much let them stare I am a woman on a mission!


6 am workout face… should I have taken a rest day instead? 


Well almost I was awake I was in the gym attempting a work out so almost on a mission. That aside I did get a 600 cal work out in and I did some free weights (hold your applause) mostly in response to my boyfriend stating last week that there was no definition in my arms so he couldn’t possibly measure them…… I will show him when he can’t measure my arms because the guns are too heavy (hahahahahha ). Today was hard work and I think I definitely need a rest day tomorrow and maybe a few extra hours sleep.  

So the million dollar questions. the first day of the week… did manage to record my calorie intake? 

FullSizeRender 5

Yes, i did, however, my Fitbit app and myfitness pal app just don’t want to talk to each other at the moment so I still don’t get a complete reflection of my whole day. On the upside I have managed to do the recording once at the beginning of the week lets hope that it continues. 

Time for an early night (well early for me) and hopefully a late morning. Sleeps important to weight loss apparently… 

Lastly, thoughts go out to all affected my hurricane, Irma.



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Diary of a Melting Princess Day 29:- Sunday Sizings the Monthly Edition.


So it’s been four weeks since this blog was started. Not sure where the time has gone! The grab bags of chocolate aren’t so grabbable and the taste of original coke is a distant memory! I’m all set up with my new cozy office space to bring you this weeks and this months sizing.


So let’s get down to business to defeat the scales… (BONUS POINTS FOR THE REFERENCE LEFT IN THE COMMENTS)


Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 19.21.52

Inches off every area for the week and another 1lbs and 3/4 down! Bar my right arm which appears to have gained 1/2 a cm but that (or at least I hope) may be down to a number of hills that I have done on the cross trainer so it’s all MUSCLE ;0) But the big news here is the 4 weeks round up!

4 Weeks down and Result all Round! 

I am absolutely ecstatic to share that I have lost 1 stone over the last 4 weeks!

I am now just under 16st (15.98 couldn’t make it any closer…. I like the suspense). I know the measurements didn’t until the week after is started but still the results are pretty good. Losing 7.5 inches from my waist (I’m putting this down to the War boxing class, serious ab work out without the intention to do sit ups). 


                      The picture on the left is week 2 the right week 4

In the first week of the blog, someone suggested that I take tracking photos to help track my progress. Though from the front I can see very litte difference I think the side photos are differently starting to make some progression. (Apologies again it’s probably more of my than  you ever wanted to see (just think of my poor boyfriend haha))

This is however where the real work begins. Over the last 18 months, I have started with good intentions lost weight to around the 16 stone mark and that’s where the steam ran out. With the blog and a gym membership in hand, i hope that I will by pass that 16 stone wall. 

This week’s Success

6 AM workouts are now a thing for me. I’m awake might as well get it out of the way… With rehearsals starting again 2 evenings a week are already spoken for night gym runs are becoming all but impossible. 

This week’s challenges

So I monumentally failed again at recording what I have eaten (one out of 7 is a start right?) So that’s something that I need to really build into a habit when I’m eating not as a last resort at the end of the day. So actually doing that will this again be my weekly challenge.

This month’s challenges

In 23 days time, I will be in DISNEYLAND PARIS  for three days.   I’m a little worried about not having gym access for three days, jamming a week into 2 days at work and what the food and drink situation will be while I’m there. Mostly I don’t want to lose the rhythm I have got going even if Disney is involved. 

So that’s about it….. it’s a long one I’m aware…. However, i just want to say THANK YOU to everyone that has commented either on facebook, Instagram on here or pulled me aside and said they like the bog/ it’s helping them stay on track! You all helping me do the same 🙂 





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Diary of a Melting Princess Day 27:- Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-A

After a well earned rest day (well I thought it was well earned) I was back for a 6am workout.

IMG_2141 With the added bonus that yesterday the new Lyndsey Kelk book came out, I was quite content this morning.

Through out the day though I felt a shift. For a long time, I haven’t quite felt myself and often blaming it on varying reasons, though they may have contributed towards my mood and general effort in life. Although I have felt my mood shift slowly over the last few weeks today at points I felt at points like my best self again, and I haven’t felt like that for quite a while. Conclusion, exercise ain’t just for losing weight…


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Diary of a Melting Princess Day 24:- How do you like your eggs in the morning

So on the advice of a Close and Wise friend after my last early morning gym jaunt suggesting I look at what I am eating before and after the gym. I decided that she may have a point.

So with what I thought was little opportunity to work out in the evening I dragged myself into the gym this morning


No, your eyes are not deceiving you yes I started my workout at 5:56 and finished 51 mins latter. Although my heart rate wasn’t quite where I would like it I am certainly not going to turn my nose up at a 600 calorie burn!

Although I hadn’t eaten beforehand I did make sure that I ate after.


Actually was a pretty good breakfast and with the aid of some fruit got me through the day and was pretty tasty. I didn’t crash halfway through the day actually I was pretty on it… lesson learned morning workouts remote instant fule.

I also managed to record my food consumption wooohoo!


So everything’s coming up Millhouse today!

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Diary of a Mealting Princess Day 22:- Sunday Sizings

Hey y’all

Another week another sizing! After last weeks weight maintain I was hoping to see a drop in the scales.


With the aid of some new scales (£5 bargain! but I can see why the scales only record in KG, however, it is easier to read and record over all) I have come up at 102.8 kg. Which (with some help of google weight converter (functional skills whhhhhat?)) Is just under 16st 2 lbs. RESULT! A LOSS OF 5lbs.


Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 22.15.10

The rest of my results were also a welcome sight (well except for my bust but that may have been down to the different sports bra but it’s not a gain) With 4 whole CM coming off my waist (those crunches are having an effect).

After a challenging week including being away from home, I am more than happy to accept this.

This weeks challangeds

Theatre rehearsals are back in full swing as of tomorrow. Which is somewhat except however it does take up 3 hours a night 2ce a week so fitting in the exercise will be a bit of a challenge.


So with that warning be prepared for the on slaught of food pictures and calorie burn diares. Night all!

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Diary of a Mealting Princess Day 20/21:- It doesn’t​ hurt unless I want it to.

Hello All, skipped a day yesterday as I had a mini melt down about my observation at work on Monday and being prepped within an inch of my life which took me into the small hours.

Achievements of yesterday though I made it through a highly pressurised day without sneaking the remaining team biscuits and managed, with the help of the waitress cast recording, not to pull into a drive through McDonald’s on the way back from Milton Keynes. It was however 2 days without the gym. Swings and Roundabouts…..

On today, Woke up early not really feeling the day to being with. I persevered and walked to the gym for that 9am Saturday Spin…. which apparently had been cancelled as I sat alone on a bike in the studio…. Not to waste the effort of moving the bike I did a Video class on the bike. Pretty happy with my achievements to discover that my fitbit really does not like recording spin classes….although this time it did manage to track the calorie burn at the least.

I do find that if I have an intense workout during the morning the rest of the day is pretty much a write-off. So after playing taxi, I popped into Lush to find some bath bombs that would prevent that from happening.


I picked up the new bubble spinner (a fidget spinner that makes bubbles!) It smells AMAZING! Lemon and Lime!  (Click  the link for more detail)

Lush Bubble Spinner

After a long Soak in the bath, I dragged myself out and had some food. However, with the best of intentions of a muscle soothing bath, the inevitable tiredness has hit and I have had somewhat of a wasted afternoon.

Lessons Learned… although some people like to get up and hit the gym to get it out of the way… this approach really doesn’t work for me. I’m off out to try and salvage the rest of the evening and prepare for Sunday Sizings….